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Innovative Pharma Solutions ("IPS") is a pioneer of new and inventive business processes designed to efficiently streamline and modernize the Pharma, Biotech, Consumer, and Specialty Chemical Device Industries. IPS specializes in providing workforce enhancements and staffing solutions through unique and flexible business models.

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IPS is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

In this ever-changing economic climate, the pharmaceutical business has taken a turn. Companies are taking responsibility and seeking more efficient ways to improve business processes. With the current mergers, lay-offs and site closings taking place throughout the industry, the days of security can seem almost lost.

IPS stands behind a key word: "Innovation." Companies have become all too familiar with their suppliers and partners providing mediocre performance. It has become an industry standard to account for hidden costs, loss of control, employee turn-over and lack of accountability. As a result, it has become normal for employees to fear the loss of their jobs.

IPS is a different company, seeking to change what has become commonly accepted. Instead of a client–vendor relationship, IPS works ambitiously to partner with clients to provide "World Class" service and performance. IPS provides guidance and industry expertise while full strategic and tactical control is retained by the partners. The days of mediocrity are over. It's time to expect more!

- Steven W. Choi, President & CEO, IPS

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