Temporary, Permanent & Conversion Staffing Solutions

Industry Leading Submission to Hire Ration (1:1.1)

Through our extensive network of industry professionals and a technical infrastructure, IPS recruiters connect industry professionals and businesses with maximum efficiency. No longer do clients have to screen countless resumes. IPS recruiters interview at the technical level so that fewer resumes require review by our clients. This novel process saves our clients time and cost, adding further value to our recruitment solutions.

  • Connect Industry Professionals and Businesses
  • Flexible and Scalable Staffing Solutions
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity
  • Providing Highest Level of Qualified Candidates
  • Pre-Screening and Hand Picking by Industry Experts
  • Lower Turnover
  • Partnership with Monster® - Millions of Professionals Worldwide

Permanent, Direct-Hire Staffing

  • Long-Term Positions
  • Individual Hire
  • Entire Team and Organization Placement
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Temporary Staffing

  • Short and Long Term Assignments
  • Adaptable to Seasonal and Workload Fluctuations
  • Supplement Existing Staff
  • IPS Employee Benefits
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Insourcing Perma-FlexTM

  • Flexible but Permanent Team
  • On-Site Oversight Management
  • Cost Avoidance / Control / Reduction / Savings
  • Overhead Reduction
  • Fixed Price Billing
  • IPS Employee Benefits
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