Cost Savings & Avoidances Through Workflow Stabilization

Our innovative approach to staffing mitigates co-employment risks and eliminates many limitations that have become inherent with traditional staffing engagements. The Perma-FlexTM model is based on "Project Teams" of permanent salaried IPS employees who work within our clients' facilities on a project basis. This reduces many hidden costs that are often regarded to as "the cost of doing business."

The Perma-FlexTM model is different from traditional staffing models in a variety of ways. Perma-FlexTM increases an employee’s level of accountability, in addition to adding value that did not exist previously.

Advantages of the Perma-FlexTM BPO model include:

  • Lower cost than Temporary Staffing models
  • All staff members are salaried, permanent IPS employees
  • Co-employment is eliminated
  • Managed by IPS scientific management
  • Typical annual terms are eliminated, allowing the employees to work at the client site indefinitely
  • Turn-over is reduced
  • Cost Control through fixed price billing
  • "Hidden" costs are eliminated through reduced re-training efforts
  • "Over-time" costs are eliminated
  • Flexibility in fixed cost or project cost models allows our clients to manage budgets more effectively
  • Entire business processes or operations can be managed by the Perma-FlexTM model
  • Efficiency, productivity and expertise are all increased
  • Accountability is restored
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