The Leader in Innovative Workforce and Business Solutions

Innovative Pharma Solutions ("IPS") is a pioneer of new and inventive business processes designed to efficiently streamline and modernize the Pharma, Biotech, Consumer, and Specialty Chemical Device Industries. IPS specializes in providing workforce enhancements through unique and flexible business models.

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IPS is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

We are living in unprecedented times. The world is transforming and adapting to a new reality post the apocalyptic global pandemic. Companies and businesses have shuddered, and the world remains in chaos in its attempt to find a new equilibrium. Companies are struggling to find new ways of doing business while "right sizing" to meet the new standard of life. New and fresh ideas are needed now more than ever to both stabilize and enhance opportunity and growth. The world is evolving. The world needs "Innovation".

Innovative Pharma Solutions (IPS) delivers new ideas and business concepts for companies looking to evolve while executing novel processes to transform these ideas into reality. IPS provides future security while stabilizing workforces and eliminating archaic practices. "Innovation" requires an evolutionary and progressive mindset without limitations. It is not merely about "thinking outside the box", but rather recognizing that there is no box at all...

IPS provides Solutions...

IPS "is" Innovation...

- Steven W. Choi, President & CEO, IPS

portrait of Steven W. Choi